i did a thing today. i used a source.

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"Motherfuckers will read a book that’s 1/3 elvish, but put two sentences in Spanish and White people think we’re taking over."

—Junot Diaz to the interview question “Do you think using Spanish in your writing alienates some of your readers?” (via kawahineaihonua)
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i really do hate
the lack of diversity
in tumblr rps

like shit what the fuck
all your characters are white
it just makes me sad

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Some background: I’ve worked in gaming since 1994. I’ve worked in video game QA (quality assurance) for 8 years.

This is the FINEST glitch I’ve ever seen ANYWHERE - and that includes the World of Warcraft “turn north and crash” bug I keep running into.


that is one way to summon a ship

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 #this fucker says maybe 5 or 6 lines the whole film and yet everyone is thirsty as Heck for him  #no wonder HYDRA keeps him in the freezer  #’cause when they let him out he burns down entire cities with the force of his Sad Trash Hobo gaze

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remember that time Stiles punched Jackson in the face.

No but really, why don’t we talk about this?  How he socks him GOOD, not just a light punch, and Scott has to pull him back to KEEP HIM FROM DOING MORE.  THIS RIGHT HERE FOLKS, this is our first view of that rage he hides behind the humor.  THIS IS WHY I WRITE HIS WOLF AS SO AGGRESSIVE, because take away the sarcasm coping mechanism and you have a truly fucked up kid.  A kid who holds it together for his friends and dad.  A kid who had to grow up fast.  A kid who saw way too much of the worst this world has to offer even before he knew werewolves were a thing.

Stiles Stilinski’s the funnyman but it’s a mask.  A well worn mask, but still a mask, and this is why the Nogitsune is so dangerous in him.

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Top 50 Vine Scare Cam

I fucking lost it when that girl gets smacked in the face with a baking tray ahahahah

no i was already gone when that woman peed herself omg

That was the best five mins of my life.

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Teachers Au : Coach Hale and Art teacher Stilinski

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